Trauma Release, developed by Dr. Karl K. Nishimura, is a process by which a lifetime of accumulated, suppressed traumas that have been shielded from conscious awareness are removed by autogenic means.  The body's natural healing process then takes over.

Over time, the mind and body adjust, compromise and compensate for trauma to allow continued function up to a saturation point. An overload of the suppressive mechanisms can lead to pain, dysfunction and chronic disorders.

Trauma Release uses a (progressive) Step Protocol to reactivate old traumas and remove individual injuries layer by layer from the cell memory.

Trauma Release (TR) trains you to use your body movements to reduce immediate and accumulated traumas.  These cause contractions and tensions in the Body Mind Complex (BMC) that may create the pains, dysfunctions and chronic disorders you may be experiencing.

This process also reduces various emotions and issues related to these traumatic experiences from the BMC.

Areas of accumulated trauma are removed layer by layer.  TR reduces the BMC restrictions to the "Physiologic Gel State" (PGS) and appears to normalize fluid, cellular, biochemical and energy movements and responses.

TR unleashes the previously restricted, rapid, optimal, natural, spontaneous potential for self healing.

In simple terms...

  • Pain and inflammation may be caused by tension
  • Tension may be caused by some form of trauma:  physical, mental, emotional.
  • Recreating the related trauma (through guided body posturing).   Cellular forgiveness eliminates tension.
  •  The interactive TR process simulates the traumatic experience resulting in complete relaxation and PGS.
  • Once PGS is achieved, pain and inflammation disappear.
  • The body immediately commences it's rapid, optimal, natural, innate, spontaneous healing process.

Remember:  pain is a signal and is not unfavorable.

"If your body created it, your body can heal it."

Welcome to the Future of Pain Relief!

Karl K. Nishimura

Trauma Release Therapy

Trauma Release has

  • no adverse side effects
  • the potential for rapid post-surgical healing


Trauma Release can

  • provide Immediate pain relief
  • decrease recovery time
  • help you avoid surgery
  • reduce the need for medications
  • help you avoid injections.